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Are You OK? Program
Did you know that the 911 Center operates the "Are You OK?" program, which telephones elderly citizens on a daily basis who have subscribed to this free service? For more details, go to Are you okay?.

Coyotes Spotted in Neighborhood

Re-Posted: 11/02/2017. Coyotes have been spotted around our homes here in Marleigh Farm. In the interest of neighborhood safety we offer the following information.

Coyotes are opportunistic feeders and will eat almost anything, from mice and other rodents, to the food you put outside for your pet - or even your pet. And where they can find food they will stay and breed. Coyotes now inhabit suburban and even urban neighborhoods nationwide. Coyotes are normally shy of humans and will avoid us, however, it is possible, although very rare, for them to attack small children.

We recommend that homeowners spend some effort making our neighborhood unattractive as a coyote hunting and feeding area.
  • never, under any circumstances, feed a coyote
  • do not leave pet food outdoors or feed your pets outdoors
  • do not leave small pets, dogs or cats, unattended outside, particularly at night
  • do not leave accessible bird food in your yard
  • make garbage and garbage cans inaccessible
  • clean and store grills
  • if you have fruit trees, pick up fruit from the ground
  • most fences are no guarantee of safety, as coyotes can climb, but they are a deterrent

    There are a number of websites which provide more information. Here are a few:
  • Wikipedia: Coyotes
  • Georgia Outdoors: Coyotes
  • AJC: Coyotes Live Among Us

    Note: Because coyotes are common in Cobb, it is unlikely that Animal Control will respond to complaints. However, if coyotes attack, behave agressively, or otherwise cause concern for safety, please don't hesitate to contact local authorities.

    (Originally posted 02/05/2012)

  • Community Safety - Use of the Common Area
    If you witness unlawful activity taking place at the Common Area, please be proactive in helping us keep our park safe by calling Cobb County Police:

    Non-emergency information: call (770) 499-3911
    Emergency: call 911

    Park address: 2653 Marleigh Farm Road
    Park hours: Daylight hours

    The MFHA will not tolerate unlawful activity and those who choose to participate in these activities will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Trespassing is a violation as well, and if you or your children are at the Common Area after hours, you or they are trespassing. Parents, it is your responsibility to know where your children are. If you are interested in meeting with other community residents to discuss solutions, please contact the MFHA.

    Rental Property Maintenance
    The lack of regular maintenance of rental properties is becoming an issue in the neighborhood. Please remember that ALL homes in our community must be maintained in accordance with our covenants.

    If you own or rent a property in Marleigh Farm, be sure that Tolley Community Management (see left menu for contact information) has the homeownerís current contact information on file in order to remedy violations in the quickest and most cost effective manner. Notices, abatement and court costs increase our management costs and may result in increased dues for everyone.

    Marleigh Farm Does Not Post Neighborhood News on
    For the past several years, you may have received by mail an invitation that indicates our neighborhood uses a free private network,, to share neighborhood information.

    We do not use or endorse this site, post any official information, and most importantly, have no control over what happens with your registration information. Nextdoor is a social networking site that collects member's information for marketing purposes. Additionally, anyone can create an account for our community to monitor our communications. "Our" neighborhood is currently over 60 communities and thousands of accounts.

    Feel free to use this site if you wish, but please note that all neighborhood information is posted here on, and all correspondence from our neighborhood comes via Tolley Community Management and no other return address.

    For everyone's online safety, please refrain from posting your or your neighbor's personal information, including telephone numbers, email addresses, schedules, etc. on social media. We have witnessed multiple cases of this on Nextdoor. It is a public website accessed by thousands of people.

    If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at

    Walk Around!
    We have received a number of complaints from homeowners who live around the Common Area that people cut through their yards to access the park. While it is a long walk around, cutting through yards is trespassing. Please be considerate of our neighbors' properties that border the Common Area and walk around! The weather is nice and exercise is good for you!

    Atlanta Regional Commission Forecast 2040: Cobb County
    Click here to view projections for Cobb County through 2040, based on a study by the Atlanta Regional Commission.

    Vandalism at the Common Area
    We have now accrued a considerable sum to repair damage caused by vandals. Particularly, spray-painted signs, boards that are repeatedly removed from the play set and benches, broken lighting, and the removal and replacement of the picnic tables in the pavilion. We all pay for these repairs, so if you have older children, let them know that when vandalism occurs, you are paying for the repair! Please report any incidents of vandalism immediately. Call 911 if you witness vandalism in progress, or notify or call Tolley Community Management if you see damage.

    2016 SPLOST: X2301 Acworth Due West Road at Jim Owens Road
    Project: X2801 Jim Owens Road - Lewis Elementary (School zone improvements)
    Description: Additional turn lane and school entrance improvements. Construction is expected to begin 08/09/2018 and to be completed by February 2020.

    Project: X2301 Acworth Due West Road at Jim Owens Road (Intersection improvements)
    Description: Construct roundabout to replace existing 4-legged all-way stop intersection, improve school entrance. Construction is expected to begin 08/09/2018 and to be completed by January 2021.

    For details about these and other projects in Cobb County, visit the Cobb County 2016 SPLOST page. Search for projects by type and name.

    Cobb County Police Department PENS Alert (02/06/2018)
    Local News From our partners at the Marietta Police Department: IMPORTANT ALERT: (3) residents have reported to us this afternoon that they received a child pornography video in their Facebook INBOX. Please note that this has been reported in other states today as well.

    IF you receive this video, you must:
    1. NOT share the video with anyone.
    2. Notify Facebook immediately.
    3. After notifying Facebook, delete the file from your Facebook account. Facebook will automatically notify the appropriate authorities when an inappropriate video is reported.

    Sharing this image is considered distribution and you could be criminally charged for doing so. Some people might think that sharing it with the "right person" could help solve the crime. In this case, that is incorrect information and we do not want to see an innocent person get in trouble. We urge everyone to follow the (3) steps above.

    If you do not currently subscribe to Cobb County alerts, copy this URL into another browser address bar:

    and then select all the alerts you want. For PENS, we are in Precinct 1.

    Posted by admin on Wednesday, February 07 @ 16:51:56 EST (2 reads)
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    Mars Hill Church Road Paving Project
    Local News Cobb County DOT offers the following reasons why the paving project remains unfinished:
  • There havenít been 5 dry days above 55 degrees since Halloween
  • They are widening the road
  • They are having problems with other roads
  • The road is not level
  • They are patching Mars Hill Church Road
  • They wrote into the contract that the paving contractor cannot work between November and March unless the county approves

    Call (770) 528-1653 to ask for an explanation or voice your concerns.

  • Posted by admin on Wednesday, February 07 @ 15:31:07 EST (2 reads)
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    Mail Delivery Concerns
    Report Problems spring writes "(posted 01/30/2018 ) Thank you to the neighbors who have delivered my mail to me. Have you had questions about your mail also?
    Donna Fitzgerald is the Supervisor of Mail Delivery and you can contact her at 770-528-6432.

    Editor's note: This is a frequent problem in our subdivision. Please call to report receipt of mail addressed to someone else. If they hear enough complaints, they may also take action."
    Posted by admin on Tuesday, January 30 @ 21:57:45 EST (2 reads)
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